Meet Our Team

Bryan lundstrom

Certifications: NASM CPT 2000

CrossFit Mobility

CrossFit L1

CrossFit Coaches Prep Course

CrossFit L2

CrossFit Competitors Course

CrossFit Kids 

Favorite WOD: Randy

I was introduced to CrossFit in April 2012 at a mobility class that I attended with a couple of other trainers I worked with. I figured I was going to learn some new techniques to share with my clients but to my surprise, I was called into the middle of the group and was shown a technique that allowed my left knee to open up and have more range of motion, than I have had since my ACL reconstructive surgery in 1995.

My jaw dropped to the floor. I was hooked ever since and after 12 years of personal training, I changed my training methods and learned a ton about CrossFit and fell in love with it!

Then in October 2012, I sustained a 3rd degree separation of my left shoulder playing hockey. After two surgeries, I use CrossFit methods to continue to rehabilitate my knee and my shoulder.

CrossFit is a way of LIFE!!

Anthony Munoz

 Certifications: CrossFit L1

Athletic Background: Former High School and Division 2 College Wrestler

Favorite WOD: DT

Something that motivates me: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for You are with me, Your rod and Your staff they comfort me.”
Food: Takis, Watermelon, Burgers, and Nachos!
Non-gym activity: Eating
Throughout my sports career I had always heard about CrossFit but I never knew what it was. It wasn’t until I got a hernia from wrestling in the spring of 2015 and needed surgery that I did internet search on it. The first thing that came up was the highlights of the 2014 CrossFit Games. At that moment I believed that CrossFit could be the fastest way to recover and get back into wrestling shape. I did my very first CrossFit WOD after my surgery recovery and was immediately hooked. Since then I have been working hard every day not just for my health, but to be the fittest that I can possibly be. I love to push my body beyond its limits and I like to help others do the same so they can achieve their health and fitness goals. I love CrossFit for its intensity and because you don’t need to have a fitness or athletic background to do it.

Kailey Petro

Certifications: CFL1
Athletic Background: Swimmer
Favorite WOD: Diane
I found CrossFit in November of 2016, my sophomore year of college.  In high school I was a competitive swimmer but by the time college rolled around my shoulders and I were burnt out.  I tried several different workouts and settled on body building style lifting.  I loved the drive of getting stronger every day however, I realized it wasn’t enough for me.  I wanted a community to push me to be my best.  That Fall, I happened to start following Brooke Ence on Instagram. I had never seen a woman so naturally built and athletically well-rounded in my life.  I loved her message of empowering women to be strong and challenging stereotypes. I decided that was a value I wanted to embrace in my life and began CrossFit the week after I found her page.  Instantly I fell in love with the family-like community.  The support and love found in each box is unlike any other.  I strive to build a community that can join together to develop healthier and happier lives.

Ashley Kramer

Certifications: CFL1

Athletic Background: I played volleyball, golf, swimming, and did some track growing up. I have never been intensely athletic, until I started CrossFit.

Favorite WOD: Nancy

I started CrossFit five years ago (January 2013). I grew up with body issues and put a high priority on being skinny. When I walked into the gym, I couldn't lift the bar because I hadn't been eating consistently and had no muscle mass. The day after I started, I was so sore and I loved that feeling. That's what kept me coming back for more. My teenage self would never believe the growth that I've made from CrossFit, both physically and mentally. I work out and eat what CrossFit perscribes because I love my body, not because I hate it. I believe that CrossFit changes peoples' lives and makes them strive to do and be better. There's no "end point" with CrossFit, which is motivation to continue growing. CrossFit has changed my life, which is why I became a coach. I want to guide and inspire others to make a healthy change in their life and see what they are capable of (in and outside of the gym). Being a CrossFit coach has helped me see peoples' growth and celebrate their successes with them. There's no greater feeling in the world.